Blackberry Gin & Tonic

We love a good Gin and Tonic in all it’s simplicity but this blackberry gin & tonic takes the classic to a whole new level.  If you’re not a gin fan or unsure, the gin in this cocktail discretely hides beneath the fresh muddled blackberry flavor! The best part about our recipe is no simple syrup is required; its quick and easy to mix together and is refreshing on the soul!

Ingredients (makes two cocktails)
10 blackberries
6 ounces gin
tonic water

Drop 5 blackberries into the bottom of your cocktail glasses. Muddle the berries until they are juicy and fully crushed. Fill each glass to the top with crushed ice. In a shaker add 6 ounces of gin and a splash of tonic. Shake well and pour over ice.


March 1, 2017
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