Blood Orange Cocktail

This blood orange vodka cocktail is so delicious, you won’t even believe it only has two ingredients!


It just doesn’t seem right to spend 30 minutes putting a cocktail together, to drink it in less than 10. As they say, “worker smarter, not harder” – and this also applies when mixing drinks. 

Blood Orange Italian Soda from Whole Foods
Tito’s vodka (our favorite)

Simply pour 2-3 shots of vodka into a glass over ice, top with the Blood Orange soda, place a blood orange slice, and a sprig of rosemary. To bring out the flavor of the rosemary, place rosemary on a cutting board and gently rub with a fork to release the flavor and aroma before putting in your drink.


If you prefer a more natural option with less sugar – skip the blood orange soda, and use tonic + the juice of 1 whole blood orange. Make sure to save a slice for the top! 

If you want to have a stronger rosemary flavor, you can always make a rosemary simple syrup to add in. Make a traditional simple syrup, but add rosemary.

This should definitely be on your go-to list for vodka cocktail!


December 6, 2016
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