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A Backyard Summer Wedding

We did our first backyard summer wedding as the Arrangement Bar! It was for one of our best friends back at the beginning of June. The quaint wedding took place at a beautiful home in Highland Park, and we were so happy to give our friend the flowers of her dreams. The bride requested eucalyptus and greenery for the floral design with a touch of white blooms where the budget allowed.

For a heavy white accent, we used hydrangeas at the wedding alter and in bridesmaid’s bouquets; and for the bridal bouquet, we used white peonies, spray roses, queen ann’s lace and wax flower.

The boutonnières were made personal by wrapping them with the Bride’s Father’s old tie and then accented with copper wire.

We worked for 2 days straight learning the ins and outs of putting together flowers for a wedding. The end result reminded us how rewarding all the hard work of working with flowers can be! We make a darn good dream team and are ready to tackle the rest of the weddings we have planned this year. The only thing left is to work on our non-studio photography skills. 😉

We love you Spence! xoxo

August 1, 2017

Garden Rose & Eucalyptus Bouquet

This bouquet is a perfect example of the saying less is more. When designing bridal bouquets there are 2 directions you can take. You can either go extravagant or simple, and because they are fresh cut flowers the outcome will always be full, lush and beautiful.

This is the definition of a simple bouquet, we only used red monster garden roses & silver dollar eucalyptus. Since the garden roses are so dense and structured we chose this less saturated and flowy eucalyptus to complement them. To accent the simplicity of the bouquet we wrapped the stems with a gorgeous, long, off-white shimmer lace. We fell in love with this mixture & can’t wait to share it with future brides!


April 12, 2017

Peonies & Magnolia Leaves

Not only is this peony and magnolia arrangement beautiful, but the cost is low which is an added bonus! We were able to pick these leaves from a tree at a park nearby, and only needed to buy 2 bunches of peonies from the store to complete.

This arrangement is easy to put together, and when complete makes a big statement piece. The mix of green & velvety brown leaves with the different size dark pink peonies gives a great texture and variety using only 2 types of stems. With the help of some floral foam, this arrangement is easy to form into any type of vase you have on hand.


Happy arranging!

January 25, 2017

Summertime Flower Arrangement

This summertime flower arrangement is perfect if you’re looking for a way to use the rest of your fresh pineapple rind. It also can add just the right touch of tropical paradise to any summer get together! Having a pineapple corer/slicer like this one makes this arrangement a lot easier to put together.

To begin, core out your pineapple- saving the fruit and juice for this delicious cocktail. Once you have your pineapple cored and drained, fit the hole to a regular size drinking glass (medium height and skinny is best, slicing out a little of the inside of the pineapple if needed), or a small cylinder vase- if you have one.

The Arrangement Bar - Summertime Flower Arrangement

The Arrangement Bar - Summertime Flower Arrangement

Choose bright colored flowers to go along with the green & yellow of the pineapple skin. You will want to buy a wide variety of flowers to fill the entire diameter of the vase. This way your arrangement will be dense, and you will not be able to see down into the core.

Arrange and cut your flowers as needed to fit the glass/vase. Be sure to trim the stems to different heights to make the arrangement balanced.

The Arrangement Bar - Summertime Flower Arrangement

Enjoy the floral and fruity fragrance, and take a sip of that cocktail for all your hard work!

September 20, 2016