Raspberry Chili Margarita

chili_margarita2This Raspberry Chili Margarita is the perfect cocktail for your holiday party this year. With December just a few days away it is officially time to start party planning and this drink is a must for your menu! It has the perfect bit of spice, and just the right amount of sweet… plus tequila! The ice cubes for this recipe are made using this raspberry chili soda. If you cannot find it in a store near you, plain raspberry soda + dash of chili powder will work just as well (if you make your own you will need to shake together to mix well). This cocktail is festive, easy to make, and best of all delicious.

Make sure you make the ice cubes at least an hour before you make the mixer.

raspberry chili soda
3-5 fresh raspberries
fresh lime juice
silver tequila
chili powder/salt mix (for the rim)
ice cube tray

Take one of the lime wedges and rub along the rim of your glass. Dip the lime rim into the chili/salt mix. Put 2-3 raspberries in the bottom of the glass and use a muddler to slightly mash them up. Pour tequila, a splash of the raspberry chili soda and the juice from 1 lime into glass. Add in ice cubes, and mix carefully.Garnish with a lime wedge, raspberry & party straw



Taste, enjoy, and cheers to the holiday!

November 28, 2016
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