Summertime Flower Arrangement

This summertime flower arrangement is perfect if you’re looking for a way to use the rest of your fresh pineapple rind. It also can add just the right touch of tropical paradise¬Ě to any summer get together! Having a pineapple corer/slicer like this one makes this arrangement a lot easier to put together.

To begin, core out your pineapple- saving the fruit and juice for this delicious cocktail. Once you have your pineapple cored and drained, fit the hole to a regular size drinking glass (medium height and skinny is best, slicing out a little of the inside of the pineapple if needed), or a small cylinder vase- if you have one.

The Arrangement Bar - Summertime Flower Arrangement

The Arrangement Bar - Summertime Flower Arrangement

Choose bright colored flowers to go along with the green & yellow of the pineapple skin. You will want to buy a wide variety of flowers to fill the entire diameter of the vase. This way your arrangement will be dense, and you will not be able to see down into the core.

Arrange and cut your flowers as needed to fit the glass/vase. Be sure to trim the stems to different heights to make the arrangement balanced.

The Arrangement Bar - Summertime Flower Arrangement

Enjoy the floral and fruity fragrance, and take a sip of that cocktail for all your hard work!

September 20, 2016
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