Whiskey Berry Basil Smash

This berry basil whiskey cocktail is one of the best whiskey drinks we have made yet. If you couldn’t tell already, one of us is a whiskey fan- so, of course we had to experiment and find a whiskey drink to compliment our whiskey roasted carrots recipe. 

This cocktail is quick and easy to whip up – and, if you are not a fan of basil you can substitute it for mint or even rosemary.


1.5-3 oz of a whiskey of your choice
3-4 fresh blackberries
fresh basil (1-2 large leaves, or 2-3 small leaves. basil can be very overpowering so it is better to start with less and add more as needed)
lemon wedge
lemon twist (thin strip of the lemon peel)

Put the berries and basil inside of your glass and smash them together with a muddler until well combined. Add in a shot (or two) of whiskey and squeeze the lemon wedge into the glass (toss after juiced). Top with Sprite, ice cubes, and lemon twist- stir to combine ingredients. For a less sweet version use club soda instead of Sprite. 



November 21, 2016
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